Twisting around with words

"Before we say goodbye to rumba," Professor Ronda declared, "let men show you the most outstanding dancers."

And so I watched as the usual people get called. But no - there were surprises. Aside from the expected Ale and Derek, three of my partners got called - Jill, Toni and Dhi. Along with Kizia and Clarence (I really believe in girls first before boys), there was Kevin, John, and two others whom I actually forgot. Sorry.

We were all surprised when Professor Ronda declared that he all gave us (except for three others who I've saved the mention for ethical reasons) a grade of 4. Four! That's like - perfect. When me and Martin were joking about us not getting four but not getting three either (we all thought we were good because it took us a lot of guts to dance under what we thought was a bad circumstance), never an inkling of four striked my mind. Jason and Sudoy even joked we weren't on demand (it seems no one wanted to dance with us) and I called myself a production reject.

Not everybody got the benefits of the big four, however. Go figure.

At least we now know Professor Ronda has a reason for being like that. We all get to learn something. We were literally rushing to the Sports Complex to make the time requirements. And now, we all benefit. We now act like little good ladies and gentlemen.

The next thing we're gonna do is jive. The basic steps are ridiculously hard. Really. My feet are now the muscles taking in all the pain, unlike my right arm which took a beating in rumba. Derek even said he can't do that (no more expression of feelings, obviously, and there's no more use for the fats - just kidding) and said those who were considered outstanding in rumba wouldn't do jive well. I wish I could believe in that.

At least, a little bit of satisfaction.

The official block pictures have already been taken. Whoever uploads all five when it comes out is really good. (Obviously that's a little feeler for those people with a scanner.)

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And your responses...

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