Two days and then everything changes

This is another stub of mine. Later I'll post more, because there's a lot more to say. But the past two days the blogs seemed to have sprung to life and updated simultaneously.

First, I'm not confident in my Revelation paper.

Second, Jackie got into the Pahayagang Plaridel. I told you, you'll all fare better than silly old me.

Third, Ira posted on her blog (finally) and said she might shut it down. Oh, she does seem changed.

Finally, I'm not feeling all good, either. It seems overhearing conversations isn't doing good.

Later, I promise, I'll tell you more. Like what happened last weekend. It happened exactly a year ago - and now it happened again.

Oh, and also, that Crazy Frog song is still at number one. Coldplay? Number twenty-one.

Nobody cares, anyway.

And your responses...

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