People are beginning to find me. Really. They're finding me.

Why does reconnection have to happen in college anyway?

I've been found by old high school classmates from SBCA - somewhat unexpected and startling since I had some for blockmates. Nothing against it, but we're beginning to associate things that we don't want to remember, do we?

So, Sara and Andrei, welcome to the network. (I'm actually reluctant saying this to Andrei. Really reluctant.)

It feels weird to be added by someone you don't expect to receive contact with. But here's stupid Henrik accepting enemies with open arms.

Just when you thought they really had bad intentions they come back. And now I'm having a conversation and I'm feeling really uneasy.

So why did I do that? I'm getting myself really guilty for some part. Here's my past being dug up all over again.

Gotta quit or I don't get decent rest. Just when I was getting comfortable it came back.

So I decided to partly remove things. I'll really get pressured. I'll just end it right here.

Anyway, before I get let down again - today's pretty crazy. After watching my favorite bands get ruined by wannabe singers on TV (what's the sense with independence when they hold you in the neck with tasteless performances?), I'll do research. I'm getting distracted by all of those people trying to "get back" at me.

So, Andrei, stop talking to me for a while. College is okay, and if you come back I get all smashed up again. I may have gotten all over it but that doesn't mean we'll be friends immediately.

Should I have done this in the first place?

I'm a social person, but I could put selective in the description.

And your responses...

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