Unlimited play

I almost busted twenty or so points on my Anthropology examinations due to me overlooking what Professor de Guzman actually wanted us to do. It said give, Niko, not list like last time. Good thing she asked me to double check the thing, and I never realized what I did wrong until I read the directions five times.

That has been my problem since elementary. I'm overconfident in my abilities I actually make mistakes.

But the test was really a breather (despite me not answering number ten, part 1, set A - extra specific, really). I finished it in like thirty minutes (really, that's how I do it).

And some of us were correct (especially me, maybe) when she said that this is part of the midterms because of the more than one hundred items included. (Actually, thirtysomething two-point questions.) But at least we have half-a-test to work wite - or none at all.

I finally logged in to Friendster (server maintenance was over five minutes after I posted earlier today) and saw those things that have been waiting for my confirmation (who knew that I could be described in three good, heartwarming words? I wish you don't take what you said because I commented on it). Well, no reaction from Caresse. For now, at least.

And a few more blog-related questions: does Kevin have a blog? Oh, and Martin? I heard he has one but I just don't have the initiative to look for it.

So, then, better make my historical precedents known. (Noticed my link on the top? I just like the look and Live 8. Nice taking over the Party in the Park, Mr Geldof.) I felt I had to contribute to something at least once in my life.

See you on Monday, blockmates. Better sleep and watch Arrested Development late into the night. (And, I wish, that American spin-off to The Office just to see if it is any different... and Glastonbury, just to watch another gig, like that Linkin Park one, the only one I went to)

Okay, that was a reference too many for British stuff.

And your responses...

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