Us, a couple?

It was probably one of the weirdest things someone told me. I don't know whow it came out. It was just weird.

If you look at my Friendster profile then you'll see that the last five testimonials (as of now) come from either Regine (from first year) or Isah. Just think about what Regine said.
on 8 June 2005, Regine wrote:
of course, dude. just add me: dyisysiete
have fun!
oh, and btw, i'll not be surprised if you and isah will be a
couple. haha. wish you luck;)
Huh? I just don't get the connection, but... in the farthest possibilities, maybe. (I don't understand that last phrase even.)
Finally I realized that reading a lot of blogs is a pain in the fingers, so... I just assembled them together.

I am feeling more of a geek now. I had too many IM sessions yesterday, in which the conversations never made sense - all about today's white shirts to Jason's alleged bad breath (Les was telling him that, and me and Sudoy can't even pick up).

Oh well, college. I might watch Mr and Mrs Smith later. Not with my blockmates, naturally...

And me and Isah? That was spooky.

And your responses...

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