What else is hurting?

"No, really, can we turn this thing off?" the DJ said. "It's giving me a headache."

"Yeah," his partner replied, "it's beginning to grow on me."

I don't know who between the two is JK or Joel, but I finally heard that Crazy Frog song which is still on the top of the British charts. It's made a big fuss because Coldplay hasn't tasted top honors yet because this song has been beeping there for three weeks now.

Three weeks! I agree it is horrible but catchy. Better make it a dance song.

But wait, that was actually a ring tone. And to think the only thing you would hear is a remix of an 80s song, and a lot of ding-ding-dings from that frog. (If you saw that commercial from Smart concerning that free ringtone with the gray blob sporting a helmet, well, that's it. They call that blob a frog. I haven't seen the video, however.)

Okay, enough about blabbing on the radio (I think I should abide by my self-imposed remit). Today's classes went extraordinarily smoothly: two classes and then it's done. We had to watch Jino and his group report for Revelation (complete with almost unreadable text and transitions), and we had to watch something on Lucio San Pedro for Art Appreciation - but not after a quiz about the posted essays. We were shocked (we were partly warned, but some had no idea an essay was actually linked from the Yahoo! group) but some of us got through without guessing. I guess advanced reading does wonders.

I've been swinging between bad moods and good moods in the past four weeks. You know what I mean - many people coming and going, and then there's me trying to deal with it all. I'll be saying the same things anyway, so...

Oh, and hello, Angela. I'm finding more classmates. Care you link me to some that I've agreed with? Although she found me through Andrei (admittedly I have to give him props for it), well - I'm not supposed to judge you for it.

I'm actually open to conversations. I just believed it started off wrongly, because he was asking me about what he did to me (and, consequently, what I did to him in retaliation). I was having a higher-than-usual heart rate.

Aside from that fact, I'm doing my homework as well - that means I'm also looking for old classmates. All for the sake of pushing my Friendster list past one hundred and fifty.

Finally, thanks to Caresse for letting me borrow her Kaloob book. And to Tracy - ayokong magkaroon ng kaaway... ngayon pa? Sorry for me being too impulsive...

Anyway, gotta go. I'll be expecting a lot of fan mail.

Oh, and if you're curious about that Crazy Frog song, click here, click on the Listen Again link, and look for the Radio 1's Chart Show with JK and Joel link. It'll go to your ears at the start of the show. (And you'll understand why a lot of British people hate the song. And why they continue to buy it.)

What? Coldplay's at number thirteen on the charts? Where have the decent single-buying people gone?

And your responses...

Hi henrick! Its robynnn... I thought I'd just drop a few lines... but first i just wanna appologise for like the delay... i mean you've been reading my journal but then it took me quite a while to return the favor... so here it is... GOOD LUCK! I know I need it specially for P.E. dude! My dear God! The tango is killing me!!!

Anonymous Anonymous6/16/2005     

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