You've never seen this side of me

Okay, then maybe I should keep quiet. Sorry.

But I'm surprised because what I did launched something out of (a few, but probably more) of us. Ayokong makialam but as a block (well...) I believe we should stick closely together and help each other out. The case is, however, I went a little bit too personal, but...

I suddenly feel fulfilled. Naks naman.

So, after five weeks of searching, I finally found what I was looking for. But the lessons stay the same - you have to be the first to create contact.

Then I'll shut up. Better keep people happy (and assured) or things will go extremely wrong.

Anyway, after Kevin did that Trick Dacy (get it?) skit with Stitch, who (according to the story) has a secret desire for Lilo, pretending to be dead just to kill him, Huey comes in and makes it a lot dramatic. Our English limelighters started on a hilarious (and, as Professor Gonzalo said, a little bit senseless) note - which makes us a bit pressured to live up to his performance - and now, Huey tells us the story of Ash and Autumn (probably known back in high school - I don't know). To do this quickly: she likes him, he's confused, she confesses, she dies. Then again, he played a song (not two, since it sounds all the same, I think) and I saw Isah and Baba nursing tears in their eyes. (But, did Baba actually cry?)

This seems so true to life.

So, we've been tending to our own wounds now. But now, it seems, we have to make our faces a little bit thicker (literally, kapalan ang mukha - no good translation, actually) and volunteer.

And I should keep quiet for now. Again.

A little postscript - since I'm turning eighteen in two years and my brain cells would die by then, let me write in this post of the death of Jaime Cardinal Sin. The fact that his death made the BBC isn't the thing - as the article said, we lost a divine commander-in-chief.

And that's what we need right now. A little divine intervention. And ours, also...

And your responses...

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