Almost out in the open

She's made it into the light.

Finally, somebody knows about that insecurity of mine. Now I'll presume it'll fade away normally.

But, as always, it'll take a long time for me to finally say I got through it and I just would survive with that little detail back here. However, I have one question: should I tell her?

I don't just want to ruin friendships with this thing out in the open. I knew someone and when that happened I felt sad to see that thing just go nowhere.

Fallouts aren't good.

I'm not willing to lose a friendship but I'm not willing to keep this inside much longer.

So congratulations. You finally made it out in the open. Now I have to do something that will not remind me of that bad fallout flurry month has caused.

I might have lost the battle, but at least I can lose gracefully.

And your responses...

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