Coincidentally blue

We're finally done. Finally, no more late nights commuting from La Salle to home.

Although I still have my reservations regarding the entry our block has created (remember my extremely pessimistic mind) I think we have done a pretty good job. Sadly, the five days or so that we spent practicing and shooting has led to people feeling bad about each other. Go figure.

Well, this isn't surely the intended result, right? Let's just patch up and we'll surely get it.

Anyway, today's gone even weirder. We've been visited by Santugon again (after much prodding from the English class), and Tapat finally got in, although there isn't much enthusiasm from our purely-Santugon block. (If a blockmate isn't for Santugon then they're for Santapat. That term's popped up a million times within the past two days.) Les and Kim got their campaign officer IDs, and they're flashing it with much pride (probably even during the Tapat pitch).

The block is soo for Santugon (or Santapat) to the point that the Tapat officer in the room asked us (euphemistically) to wear orange tomorrow.

I was wearing blue that time. I was trying to assert that I'm not for anybody. There seems to be a dress code within the block (go figure) and I'm doing it without me knowing it. Everyone's worried about their clothes - Jackie rushed to change her shirt (hey, I'm talking about her outfit again) because she realized it's a red one. Baba even thanked me for wearing blue - to think I thought she would join Tapat.

I was happy to know that it isn't just me who's not joined any political party. Yet, I had to decide on who to vote, or else I wouldn't get to, well, maximize it.

Finally, someone convinced me to vote (and probably support) Santugon. Basically, the hype generated the past few days made me feel a little bit left out again, until I had a chat with one of the candidates (I think it was Ian - was it the guy being linked to Jaja?) and I was, so to speak, forced into the light.

Go figure out the next thing I'm supposed to say.

I think all day my blockmates (most especially Jaja, Les, Ale and Huey) have been pitching the yellow and blue banner. I once even thought that there are a lot of Ateneo fans in La Salle. I saw a lot of blue-clothed people today.

Aside from the political events (including the politics behind the shoot for that dance contest), there are the pretty ridiculous things.

Weirdly we weren't in a rush to go to PE class today - to think that it's our practical test in jive. Our feet are hurting, and I almost got humiliated when I lost my footing as I got confused with Loui going too far. But today, four pairs got sent out to practice some more.

Simply said, I was shocked to see Ale and Kevin get the boot out (for lack of a better term, as usual). Jom and I went like, nothing's wrong with the two, so why? So I just thought it must be a hangover from their other dance partnership, for the dance contest. (Kevin, this time it's for real. Haha.)

And then, not everybody got to do the test, since the karaoke acted up - its tummy began to grumble and, in a rush, ate the tape. Professor Ronda tried to play it in a freakingly faster mode (since the karaoke has pitch control, which means we're doing it much slower than it is supposed to be). Ian did gracefully, and John was going crazy (or at least that's what I thought). And Ale? She was dancing with our teacher again, and she just can't do it as well.

Ooops - I think I'm being too offensive. I apologize, but please do remember we're all humans.

So the practical test resumes on Friday. I think I got another 4 (because Loui looked at the grades). and I can't get to dance with Jill - Cuyeg's taken her (err, that doesn't sound right), so I better look for another partner.

We ended up getting a little primer in swing (the one for us young people, Professor Ronda pointed out, and he even demonstrated the dance for us while acting like falling asleep). And, weirdly, we heard him sing.

So we got our feet stretched and listened to a few recorded tracks from a CD with his voice. Yes, As Time Goes By - that song Jason told me about for my music therapy presentation. He does sing well (because I thought he was singing live, and when I realized he's already on I was amazed). It just seems weird.

Oh, and I got a few strands of my humiliation and began to greet a few people, and then this: "I've been greeting you, and you've been snubbing me!"

Yes, that's directed to Ale, as usual.

And yes, this does seem like a block newspaper. I did them before, but this isn't intended. Do I know too much? Probably.

And your responses...

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