Conflict resolution

Yah, I got the message loud and clear. I didn't realize it until I finally took the time to read up. Probably now you're pretty mad (or maybe I'm just exaggerating myself), and for that... I'm sorry. Once again.

Maybe I should have really controlled myself. But, yeah, I know I shouldn't have and I will not, presumably.

Anyway, after Tapat did their second round of convincing, Santugon did their turn. Last night I asked Les to give me her campaign pitch through YM. And so she did. She was telling me about all of the acronyms and terms that were really confusing me (despite all of the mention from my Santugon blockmates). That, for me, is a development in the election process. (Nothing here occupying my brain. You can actually hear the crickets. Haha.)

And then, the party campaigned once again in class (after the introduction done by Jaja) and began to accept questions. Something just came up. I asked Y2K Villanueva (obviously she'll be stuck in my head because she's the only female) something, and then they answered... and then she complimented me. She liked my question.

Developing skills? Maybe. But now that I've got my questions answered, I can think over the weekend.

Then I remember what Clarence and Kizia told me about the campaign. "Don't be fooled," Kizia said yesterday (complete with a funny status message).

Later today, PE class once again. But I'm sleepy and tense. I'll be dancing jive again. I still have women to dance with (unless they don't pick me - and they probably won't).

It is unintended - but I ended up humiliated more.

And your responses...

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