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Critical Thinking class has ended early, and so I'm currently capitalizing on the roughly hour-long break to blog and post a picture I've been itching to post - for all the obvious reasons.

We're going to have another batch of rehearsals today - and I'm gonna arrive home at around 21.00 today because of all the delays. We're somehow redoing the whole thing since the big guys finally realized that something seems wrong. Actually, me and Kizia talked about it yesterday (and here goes another transcript):
clueless1773: dude have u read the rules for the parable thing
batallones_henrik_19: isnt it in the ivle?
clueless1773: i really dont think that we're doin the right thing
batallones_henrik_19: me too
batallones_henrik_19: i think were missing the transitions
batallones_henrik_19: the bits between the scenes...
clueless1773: Video shot must be on a 5 meter by 5m floor space (camera lens span), shot
clueless1773: dats the part im worried about
batallones_henrik_19: i think the video is supposed to be a one camera shot of the whole thing being performed
clueless1773: yea thats wat i think oo
clueless1773: wid no transitions or anything
batallones_henrik_19: no fancy schmancy cinematography
clueless1773: i think the whole idea is to make a dance
clueless1773: and through the dance u tell the parable
batallones_henrik_19: yah
clueless1773: but thats boring
batallones_henrik_19: were supposed to practice for a dance and not a video
batallones_henrik_19: if they dont think about dancing on stage then im afraid to say were doomed
clueless1773: yea
clueless1773: damn
batallones_henrik_19: i wanted that bonus grade...
batallones_henrik_19: waaaah
But today, thank heavens, someone finally realized the things they're supposed to have realized long ago, and so we're partly redoing the thing. But, it's okay, because we have sufficient motivation (read: pretty low Revelation midterm grades) and a lot of pride to fight against. (Sister Pinky's class has to win.)
Things went weirdly within the past twenty-four hours. After Martin got irritated with some of our group members he walked away (euphemism alert) and got us doing some real practice. And then, we turned out pretty fine.

Today, after watching a tearjerker (I think Kaymee cried, but I'm not sure about that) we had a weird discussion on the Pieta for Art Appreciation (Ian thought things were just going around), and now, Cybernook is swarmed with my blockmates anxious to know about their midterm grades for that subject. They were all looking at my terminal - Jaja, Kaymee and Caresse - until they began leaving because they've accessed the grades first. Later they came back, and Caresse is boinking (for lack of a correct term) at my arm to see her grades. (To note: I got a 3.5.)

On the other side, Les and a lot of the other blockmates are looking at her Multiply site, where this photo came from (from Be[wild]ered, obviously):

Don't be fooled - nothing is happening here. Left to right, from top: Steph, John, me, Ale, Jaja, Les, Jill, Sara and Sudoy. You probably know now why.

I'm soo obvious right now. Also I wonder why I can't blow this thing up the way I did with Sudoy's pics. Then again, the reasons are very obvious. Haha.

I suddenly remembered what Caresse just said. It went like, "Kizia is populating your blog!" Maybe true - I just pinpointed to her yesterday that every time she reacts to something I post on my blog something weird happens. Obviously I'll be mentioning those.

I'm gonna end this with two thoughts. First, why are the people on the other PC (Les, Jill, Ale, Cuyeg and those who went to me earlier) shouting? I wish it isn't a referent to whatever happened last week.
Second, I wish I had a photo with Kizia. Hahaha.

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