Feel good stories

I haven't posted yesterday, since it seems like I don't have much to say but the things that came with, well, that thing. But now, I realized, I had a lot to tell - some you might not notice, or understand, or even know. But still, they are feel good stories (for me, at least)

First, I was put on air on last Sunday's Final Countdown (on the Magic, of course, since I was growing tired of listening to the same ten songs every morning on RT) when I was voting for the Kaiser Chiefs' Everyday I Love You Less and Less. I ended up losing the vote when the new Gorillaz single got played. But what the heck - I didn't expect anyone to listen except for the people I barely know. Then again, Ariane just told me last Monday she did hear me on radio.

Like, I've been on air, on RT, for five times.

Just this morning I received a text message - from, who else? - Chrystel! She's asking me again. Another math problem I can't think about because I'm on my way to school. She apparently sent the message at around 22.45 - but I was fast asleep after doing my Art Appreciation paper. So I told her, I don't stay up at night anymore. As expected, no reply for now at least - she's probably asleep.

The last time I remember her asking me those quesitons were when she was still studying in Poveda. I wonder if Icka has heard of her.

I am watching a new television show because nothing can fulfill my American Idol-like craving. So, before I switch to Top of the Pops I now watch Rock Star: INXS, that Burnett-backed reality show that's a lot like The Apprentice but without the hairdo. And, yes, there's that Filipino guy, Mig Ayesa (he's actually raised in Sydney and based in London). I haven't paid attention to his performance, however, because I actually forgot his name while watching.

And people are telling me things, like, we want you to become block president. But, guys, it's too late to change your decisions. Besides, I can't do it! Haha...

So, there's the blog entry for this morning. We have a ridiculously busy day ahead, from that seminar for Art Appreciation to practice for that Revelation Dance-a-Parable contest. I, by the way, am part of the research crew (according to Jason, at least). I can't help but be scared.

And probably weirdly nervous for no particular reason at all. Or is it because we haven't really talked yet?

Ridiculous - this isn't supposed to be a bad thing.

And your responses...

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