Friday afternoons and Tuesday mornings

Finally, Tuesday. Something must happen now - I'm in school, and although I like vacations a lot I've been dumped to boredom. Even my (used-to-be) trusty PC is failing me because it's not producing inspiring music combinations (who would want to hear The Mongols' Heroine side-to-side with Guy Sebastian's Angels Brought Me Here?) - and YM doesn't want to install. How am I supposed to enjoy my vacation with that? Okay, I'll have my PC fixed.

Last night I was basically preparing for class. I never saw myself doing that, really. I was putting my books and notebooks in the right place, and then I found out when I arrived to school I forgot to bring my bottle of water for the journey and my jacket, which Baba (sometimes) sorely needs. Before that, I was texting Kizia - and literally eating her remaining credit up, which she could have used for her trip back to Manila if ever something happens. I didn't really get what she last said until I read it again. I actually asked her to save that last peso - without realizing she already spent it on me.

And now, I'm at Netopia again, alone after trying to wait for some people (err, probably Clarence) to eat lunch so that I can eat with someone. I finished eating at Z2, then Kizia, Clarence and a few others arrived. Funnily, whenever you try to do something nothing always happens. Like this - and a lot others.

I have a new favorite song - Coldplay's new release, Fix You. Love it so much (after watching their live session for MTV). I wish I could buy their album (but I've got a lot lined up).

This morning, finally, Politics class. Professor Calilung was still sick, yet she got to class and finally caught up with what we were doing. I remembered looking at the course syllabus and realized we're really far behind. (Really far behind.) Also, the thought paper - which I've been anxious to do - is finally out. (I hesitated to watch the SONA yesterday - good thing I did, because it does go into the picture). Three weeks from now I should have grown twelve pimples because of constant thinking about these things.

I've been thinking about many things the past weekend. I don't know - maybe I do have a lot of idle time. I was doing nothing the past weekend (except for my English assignment and a lot of Civilization III) and I was growing bored of the relatively new routine (because I'm finally used to the frantic college pace).

I was just talking about privacy (and, Les, you didn't have to apologize - personally, what's worse than being texted by Santugon? Being called by Tapat, of course) and then I thought I was the main culprit. I didn't want to become dirty, but it seems you just can't keep your hands clean now.

Uhh, sorry about that. My mind is wandering from terminal to terminal.

Well, that's probably it (for now). I still have to catch up with the surprise practice for the Dance-a-Parable contest, and then submit the block's donations to an unfortunate member of the Lasallian community (uhh, naks) and look for a lot of things. But, somehow, I've got an eerie feeling that some of the faculty might have forgotten that they've given us a lot of free time today.

Well, I wish they didn't. Better become part of the moving comics (courtesy of Jason) rather than dwell on the past.

And your responses...

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