How many more degrees?

Someone else apparently found me on Friendster. Apparently her identity just can't register - but, again, I think I remember her. So, for now, I'll post a link to her blog, wishing that I really remember her correctly this time.

Apparently, some of my classmates from SBCA just don't ring a bell anymore. But I think she does.

This is another weird day. For the third time, we don't have Politics class. I am actually beginning to miss those classes when I turn to intelligent mode, blabbing about everything I've watched on BBC World. But then, I've wasted precious time waiting for class to begin - not to mention the psychological turmoil I went through while waiting for my blockmates to come.

But, then again, it's been two weeks since we had our last Politics class. Yet, everyone's gone happy when I finally told them that it's been thirty minutes and we can leave the room.

Waaah. This is disrupting my peaceful routine.

One thing that hit me today: I actually wish to be politically neutral. I mean, beside the vote, nothing else. I think my blockmates are happy with what I decided to go for, but I think it's more of peer pressure rather than a really measured decision (thinking of all the concepts we would have learned in Politics class). Also, I don't have to be surprised why basically everyone within our block went to Santugon.

Peer pressure. And friends as well.

I had another one of those little chats with Clarence yesterday. She was telling me about the frosh elections, and she told me something that forced me out of the light again: "They're just freshmen. Obviously someone will tell them what to do."

Like, right - nine weeks into college and then they already have a sense of how things work in La Salle? That seems to be a feat. By then I was beginning to think if it is really all worth it. But, then again, we're all froshies in an almost perfect world. (Well, not really.)

Nothing against my campaigning classmates, but after talking to a few more people I begin to wonder if I was just forced by my sad soul to go for Santugon.

It does seem weird to go through SJ Walk with the opposing sides campaigning. Yesterday they put a bang on the campaigns; Tapat was screaming party calls and even had a siren, while Santugon kept quiet. I acted as the guy who's technically confused as he goes through the crowd. I thought it was a picture-perfect scene.

See? I really miss Politics class. I've got nothing more to talk about than politics.

For the time being, however, I've switched back to neutral. Convince me more, and then I'll go for someone - and this time, it's really decided.

I'm really fickle, am I?

And your responses...

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