I'm not going to watch tomorrow - will you?

I won't blab about last week for now, until maybe when things start to go wrong (or weirdly right). Right now I'm bored because the weekend's been a time warp. Nothing's happening. It's just, well...

Yesterday I summed up all my guts and sent the apology at midnight. I wonder if she received it?

I was really tense yesterday I actually shouted in the hallways of Miguel Hall during Critical Thinking class. Then I went home, and it felt like nothing happened.

Was I really release that I was looking for?

So, tomorrow, I'll be bored again. I'm currently nursing a cough and I'm not feeling really good. However, today I feel so relaxed because, finally, I have succeeded in what I'm supposed to do - get over the whole thing.

But, maybe on Monday, I'll be back to my hateful self. But I shouldn't, because it's my fault in the first place.

Ooops, my blog isn't happy anymore - again. Will anyone help me feel happy again?

And your responses...

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