Is confusion a state of mind?

Like my last post, nothing new really happened. It's only that, well, I've been doing pretty much nothing, except for a little panic pang when something comes up.

I haven't voted yet for the frosh elections, because I have no one to vote with. I actually agreed with Les about this last night. I wonder if they've already voted.

The rehearsals earlier was practically a failure for some of us. I mean, if two groups are missing, then how are we supposed to practice the updated steps? Even worse, the most important people didn't show up. To think that they were promising on the block message board to attend the rehearsals - and then they wouldn't. So the ones who basically were sitting there waiting for people to appear - me, Dian and Lau, probably - were just sitting there, watching, and trying to figure out what will happen next.

I was also accepting a few errands. Obviously this isn't going as well as expected.

Tomorrow we'll all cram because not all groups have an idea on what the changes are. I am not aware of them as well. If we continue doing this, we'll lose - the contest and the extra points, mind you. So please... don't keep a boy who travels two hours home waiting.

And then there are the anonymous comments I'm receiving. At the back of my mind I think I know these people. I mean, I feel I really know them.

The last one said, "Cool blog and cool message." Suddenly I thought if this person knew me somewhere. Or it could be because I blatantly advertise my blog everywhere.

Yawn. My life is getting boring. I mean - a lot of idle time? I have too much energy that I'm not willing to use on just pulling anyone who's laughing uncontrollably to the point of losing their breath. I've got better things to do.

And your responses...

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