Lessons over cheese doughnuts

Basically, I didn't have any practice yesterday. Someone was setting something up at the Yuchengco lobby and only the cheerleaders had rehearsed their steps. Today, they're inviting us to go there, but I decided not to go because, first, I live pretty far away, and second, I'm dead tired but I stil have to do some assignments. Besides, Jason told me to rest.

Which leads me to what happened yesterday. I was waiting for an aircon bus (I won't take ordinary buses) at the South Gate until Jason came out inviting me to go along. That night, I was introduced to Cello's Doughnuts - and to my first actual night out.

There were seven of us in that little expedition - along with us were Sudoy, Ian, Lau, Cuyeg and Ale. That last fact technically sent shivers down my spine. I was walking down Taft Avenue thinking why I am doing this? I have to go home!

This is my crash course in doing these things. We entered the place and, after arguing what to order (Ian was craving for those cheese doughnuts), we took the last seats and I was beginning to butt in legitimately.

Obviously, at first, I was dead scared. Here I am with the people (and, technically again, the person) who's made me think about what I really am supposed to do. And then, after me and Jason discussed the movie we watched (that critically-acclaimed Life is Beautiful - even if I want to remember the Italian title I just can't) I stood up, collected every trace of sanity I could get, and went to the other side.

After all of those days spent thinking I lost it, I went to Ale, said hi, and she answered back. (That sentence is soo much like the way I wrote about Chrystel last year. I can't believe it's exactly the same thing.)

So, again, the customary why didn't I think of this? statement. But no - I was comfortable. Well, besides the oooohs that my little statements elicited, I was okay. I am shocked.

And then, after all of Jason's efforts to make me feel comfortable, we were talking about things I never thought I would talk about with other people (especially them). Then again, I'll not go into details. That's the only condition (haha).

After the men shared the cheese doughnut Jason brought out (I took like 1/16 of a doughnut), Ian was bugging Sudoy to open his. He's only got one cheese doughnut and a lot of everything else, and I'm proud of him because he disciplined himself not to eat it (sorry, but that's how I blog).

So, we went home at around 19.00, and I was the first to break away from the group, for I had to wait for another aircon bus. I was standing in the bus from La Salle to Zapote. I took a seat and I thought, this is too good to be true.

Considering that we (err, me and Ale) texted last night about the same English presentation we used to talk about before I just released it all (like, aaaah! according to Jason), I finally had the reassurance I was waiting for since I sent those apologies. Maybe now, I wouldn't freak out silently when I find myself staring at her. For all the wrong reasons, obviously.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch Pepot Artista, written and directed by Clodualdo del Mundo (the very guy who's going to determine if we get to study for our majors, probably), and after all of the hype I'll wish I could bring our new digital camera. I could upload a lot later.

And then, there's the other photo from Be[wild]ered I like, where I look so much like a rocker.

Ooops, I got caught blogging. Better stop.

And your responses...

La Vita È Bella (or something like that :P )

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