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Last night I finally watched Pepot Artista, after I accidentally popped a pimple in front of Icka and Malia. I was bleeding, and I ended up not pushing through with my plan of talking to the film's director, Clodualdo del Mundo. I instead shook hands with the lead, Elijah Castillo. Wonder if he gets the zits?

The movie ended up winning the Best Feature-Length Film award, and so after we came out from the theater someone announced it to us, we clapped profusely, and I saw Epy Quizon. Before that I was pretty much starstruck. I saw great (although barely recognized) acotrs like Noni Buencamino, Pen Medina and Lou Veloso. Oh, and the vocalist of Radioactive Sago Project.

The movie is really funny (and still relevant, considering the time it took for this to finally develop), but I just can't explain it in writing. As everyone has been saying, you have to watch it to understand it fully. But really, it's funny.

Yesterday, however, wasn't as happy as the movie. I don't know. I can't just seem to figure it out. Obviously it will go along with me today.

Something's bothering me, and I don't know why. Is it that thing once again? Please.

Today's the longest day I'll have to endure. Class started at 07.00, and I'll go home at 19.00 after we finally finish the shoot. (We're actually running after a deadline.) But between the classes and the quizzes (two of them actually), people were campaigning in front of us.

Actually, only the people from Santugon were. It's frosh elections once again, and despite the fact that there's nothing to worry about I feel left out once again. (Please give me a name who isn't part of any political party. Uhh... could you?) They went to our room twice (one time was in English class, so half the class got it twice) and after every pitch from the wannabe block representatives the members were all clapping. And there's Jaja, later on, acting as what Professor Calilung said is an agent of political socialization (she told me something like Santugon will make you feel like family, unlike Tapat, because they're serious).

Undecided person here, being persuaded by the whole block (ours is predominantly yellow, compared with predominantly orange) to join them. And I still don't have a decision.

So today I'm pretty much in a try to make me feel better mood. Today I can't seem to talk to Kizia (she seems to be in a bad mood - sorry, but anyway...) so I ended up chatting with Clarence and Ariane at Z2. Ariane, by the way, was playing her own songs on her five-string guitar for English.

Speaking of Clarence - and music - I wonder about the effect of my music therapy presentation last Thursday. Since then people have been telling me about Missy Higgins (Jaja, for example, said her sister likes her songs). Clarence, in her new Blogger blog (and I'm the first to comment), posted the lyrics I gave away, and related it to, well, what is happening to her.

Also, the other question: nine weeks into the class, it seems, friendships are drifting away and people are leaving others for somebody else. Clarence didn't like what happened to her just today. I saw it myself (partly).

Don't just leave, please say goodbye whenever you can!

At least, I wondered, I don't have to feel that hurt because I don't have any group of friends to do that to me. But then again, that's what I wanted to have.

You got to the end? Congratulations. Finally, my Internet connection at home is okay. I'll mention your names when the need arises. So if you want me to mention your name... well, not now, unless, of course, I have a crush on you...

But that doesn't mean I have a crush on every name I mention. You actually think I have a crush on Jason because of that?

Haha. This is better than mentioning Ale's name all the time on the blog.

Ooops, I just did it.

And your responses...

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