A lot of photos

Sudoy posted those photos from Be[wild]ered... and here they are. At least some of them. The whole thing is split in two photo albums. One here, the other here. I and Sudoy snapped them both. Run over the photos to see my captions.

Weird snap with me and Jana. She thinks I love her. (That's actually a joke.) Image hosted by Photobucket

One of my favorite random shots - singing sensation Ariane doing her stuff when that bad vocalist ruined our nights. Image hosted by Photobucket

Living proof that I'm not much of a camwhore. From left: John, me, Jana, Les, Jill, Sara, Lau, and (sadly partly hidden) Ale. Image hosted by Photobucket

I'm proud of having taken this picture. It's like me doing some fashion shoot. Haha. Martin's the guy here. Image hosted by Photobucket

Me on the job doing photo snapping, and Toni's doing her job as well. Notably, I'm covering Steph up. Her boyfriend's more visible. Image hosted by Photobucket

Another one of those photos I'm proud of having taken. Kizia on the left, Martin on the right. Do they know I took this photo? Please don't hit me. Image hosted by Photobucket

The few who stayed behind (but not really), complete with red eyes: me, Tracy, Kizia, Martin, Kim, Ariane and covered Sara. Image hosted by Photobucket

These things are proof that I finally have something going on. All the other photos I'd like to post are on the other's cameras. Please, please, anyone... upload them!

And your responses...

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