A message to my good cry baby friend

I was a cry baby. It's just that, well, I stopped doing so because people were saying that crying is bad, and it's a sign of being weak and gay. So, all those things I wanted to cry out remain suppressed.

But, well, you decided to cry it out, and that's good. Release actually works wonders for everyone.

But enough of the crying part.

I just told you before - waiting wouldn't make any sense. You might not take this seriously, since I've never been in such a situation, and I'll never get myself into such a situation as well. But, what I think is, it really will hurt you if you keep on waiting.

Me, I've been waiting for something for a long time. But, I thought, what the heck - if it will just make things worse then it isn't worth the wait. You'll keep thinking about that - and that isn't good, ever.

You're right - friendships do matter more than that guy. I think there's a special thing that goes with friendships that romantic relationships don't have. With the former, it's just love, and understanding, and whatever else that comes with it. But, if you have a fight, then (personally) would you ask your boyfriend? Maybe no. But with your friends there's that confidence. There's nothing inhibiting you (in this case, probably, love) in telling each other stuff.

If you keep on thinking about that - well, you just get so distracted you forget there are more people by your side.

I'm not saying it's really not worth it. It's just that this is probably a really confusing stage for you. Things can be better, or worse, but please keep in mind that, well, this isn't the end of the world.

Umm, this post wouldn't have made sense. I really am not in a position to act like Joe D'Mango. But, well, I think this is the best that I can do. I'm sorry if I got it all wrong again, and I'm even more sorry if I make things more complicated. But, Clarence, we'll all get through this.

And your responses...

ei niko[did i get it right this time?]

want to thank you for those VERY INSPIRING WORDS...i was really touched.. n_n

thank you!!enjoyed every chit chat with you!!hehe..

tenk yu!!

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