Our block's own pep squad

LR19 has its own pep squad.

I don't know, but maybe the fact that all afternoon I was hearing a snapped-up copy of Gwen Stefani's Holla Back Girl while most of the women in my links list - in alphabetical order, Ale, Ariane, Caresse, Dian, Jaja, Jana, Jackie, Jessica, Kaymee, Marcia and Sara - do those dance moves that remind me of that Purefoods ad. You know, the one that goes seniors, seniors...

I'm actually divulging too much now. Anyway...

Today's the longest day I have encountered. Ever. After class ends as 11.30, we slowly crept up to the University Museum for a seminar with Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez, the author of an essay the establishment had written to commemorate the exhibit on Ang Kiukok. Turns out only our Art Appreciation class was required to go, so it was just us who were there. Compare this to a concert, and you can call this an intimate session.

Speaking of Art Appreciation, I got a 3.5 in the midterm examinations - along with Sudoy and Sars. Only us. Professor Sangil had to separate our booklets and announce our names first. She was again calling it a tragedy - exactly, "let's get to the tragedy first." For me, I found it weird, even if Les said I was kinda famous by then (special mentions do matter, probably). I remember my professor telling us about the midterm exams her other classes - especially that elective class that got a lot of people noticing - had to go through.

Have you heard of a Rowling class?

Yes, after a Tolkien class, there is a Rowling class in the university. It's actually an elective for some Literature major students, and I remember her coming in with a book titled something like The Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter (it was as big as my web design book) and she was putting a lot of post-its to mark the pages. The questions were really hard (especially for me who hasn't read Harry Potter) - it had them identify who said a particular line, or what spell does what, and the essay questions seem like there is an actual science behind the books. We had a stab at it, and even the readers get it wrong.

So I'd consider myself lucky. And aware.

Then we had our practice for that Revelation dance contest. Like, I don't have anything against Martin's dance steps, but it seems soo funny. The eight of us (along with the two of us, John, Joy, Loui, Lynne, Mary and Tracy) were laughing as we rehearsed our steps. And, along with the continuous sounding of that Gwen Stefani song, and seeing our "cheerleaders" dance (no offense meant)...

Very funny.

Oh no, I have to do something for Anthropology. Better go. Besides, I think this entry is long enough to warrant a reaction.

And your responses...

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