The owl among the party animals

Somehow I made it home today. I practically stayed at La Salle for more than twelve hours. The moment I stepped into my house I immediately chowed down on one of my ultimate favorites - putanesca. Yummy.

I was reading the newspaper today, and since it's a Thursday, there's the food section. I almost forgot I have to sleep early. There was the article on Brooklyn's Pizza (which I've never tried), then there's chocolate pizza served up at some hotel in Ortigas, and then - extremely relevant because we just talked about this earlier - a recipe for Soup Number 5. I ended up eating too much pasta my stomach can handle before I sleep.

Anyway, I was at school for a long time because of the general rehearsals we had to go to for the Dance-a-Parable contest. The block almost went out humiliated because we didn't get enough practice with the edited music (we were doing it on the actual stage with the other sections looking), but a little pep talk turned out to do wonders for the class. Now we believe we can do it pretty well - but not yet everybody is convinced we can win this thing. Not even me.

But, if just for the dignity of Sister Pinky, who almost protested to the judges because they were allowing entries thaty defied the rules despite our efforts to follow them religiously (that's why we got in, probably), we'll do our best.

Now, enough of the drama.

I was so sleepy last night trying to finish the written report for Anthropology (you know, the one about, err, aphrodisiacs) I overslept in the bus this morning and dropped at Quirino Avenue instead of at Vito Cruz Avenue. Good thing I read a lot of city maps when I was a kid, so I ended up walking from the corner to the Gokongwei Building. I still am traumatized, though. I vow not to sleep in the bus again unless I can ensure my being alert, which is impossible considering my schedule (and travel time).

The reports my classmates presented ended up making us laugh, most especially when one thing happened, which I think is really freaky. Or it could be because that's how I look at it. I won't tell you that, however. You go find out youself. Thankfully, my group pulled it off (despite me thinking our report is boring because it didn't involve any real evidence), and I went off feeling a lot more comfortable.

Err, right. The rehearsals was something (again) for me. But after feeling a bit yucky due to a lot of dancing (and the lights at the auditorium), I feel okay. I was almost supposed to write another depressing post here, but somehow something changed my perception of things.

Before I left for home I went up the auditorium again with Clarence, Martin, Marcia, Jana, John, Kizia and Ariane, where we tried to practice a little bit more (just us) and see the lighting Toni and Jino planned to pull off. (A random thought crossed my head, but I remember Icka telling me to organize my thoughts - and this wouldn't fit. This didn't fit either. Anyway...) So, for once, I danced in the finale, crawled for something (which Martin does perfectly), and then we had this little thing.

Next time, let's dance the Parable of the Soweress (if that is grammatically correct), with Kizia playing the lead. She had the hat Jason was using. I have the hat right now. I shouldn't forget to bring it tomorrow.

Well, I wish we win the contest, and get the extra grade, and finally get over it. I still have to watch a new television show.

"The Clarence Show, where the host is a woman and not a man!"

Man, that's still stuck in my mind after I suggested Clarence use that for her GMG spiel. It seems that however much I try to fit it I still have to squeeze a lot of body weight. If I have done good - for today, at least - remains a question.

And your responses...

well niko,, u did good nman e...[tama ba?] ehhehe

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