Shutting down

I wasn't online for the weekend and suddenly I feel I missed out on everything. For starters, a lot of updated blogs. Jackie even had a new layout.

I like vacations, but somehow I don't want to be left behind on everything. I went to our Yahoo! group and saw a lot of messages on a suddenly rushed requirement for the Revelation contest. Last Friday we were discussing about what we thought were our strengths and weaknesses regarding our final output. Sister Pinky was saying (I think) we were not faring well against the other sections.

Then that night Sister Pinky was texting me. "Direct threat," she said. There was another section with a similar parable and a better performance. "Please convey the need to practice and edit immediately for the finals." I told Icka that, and she simply said: "We're screwed."

Two hours later, another message. "Make dancing and transition very professional. Very tight at the top."

Saturday morning I was panicking for the block, especially when Sister Pinky texted me, asking to tell Jason to talk to her. That I was doing since Friday night. I read about everything Jason was told, and what he planned. I thought I should do what I could do - and texted Steph. (It was actually the first time I texted her. At the back of my mind I thought, what would she think?) She replied a day later, pretty okay about my attempt.

The next time I checked, there was a flurry of messages on the schedule. Apparently we're going to rehearse some more (with Clarence, I think, as the new choreographer) with a lot of adaptations for the stage. Yet, after all of these, our question remain unanswered: did we get in?

I still don't know. But I do feel frantic, even if we have a one-day vacation.

Then, I got a text message from - out of all people - Santugon candidate Niko de Castro. As usual, we were asked to vote derecho for him and the other Santugon candidates. I checked my inbox and saw the same thing. (Nothing against it, but I found it pretty eerie, considering a lot of people are fighting for their right to privacy. Suddenly, that line rings a bell.)

Tomorrow, we're back to college. I feel like dragging my way there because I'm having a vacation hangover. I must find Clarence telling me, "restart ka!"

Yeah, slap me in the face - I must be unconscious. Gotta get back to reality - and stop relaxing.

And your responses...

sorry for invading your privacy.. sorry.. i gave niko de castro everybody's email addie.. heheh..

Anonymous Anonymous7/25/2005     

sad sack

Anonymous Anonymous7/26/2005     

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