Something that hasn't got anything to do with it

Well, at least, that's what I plan to do. So, if you've been observant enough, you must have understood another side of my freaking twisted mind.

Well, today's Anthropology reporting day, and I've never felt so bothered. I don't think I can pull it off, Last night I spent all night typing the report while doing everything to make it everyone's. From 20.00 I was texting Lau, Jom and Kim - and I was getting frantic because not everybody is replying. I went to Lau like, "Lau, sumagot na ba sa'yo si Ale? Di pa siya sumasagot sa akin eh...", and she would go, "hindi pa..."

Last night I was battling sleepiness just to create a good paper. Then, when I come to school, I feel like I didn't do well.

Ale did reply last night, but not after I texted her like a lot of times (okay, thrice) telling her to send me her observations on Be[wild]ered. She wasn't replying, and then finally, as I was finishing the thing (and I was thinking, this should include everyone's input), she texted me and said she finally sent it. Sadly, our modem went bust and I had to tell Lau to check my email for me. Ha! It was really weird. I ended up sleeping at midnight, after printing the thing, reprinting the thing, and looking for our other obligations again because my floppy disk went bust.

And then I arrive at school, get a glimpse of Toni's paper and think that I didn't do well. Oh, well, as Jason said, life's unfair.

Again, the importance of sleep - but I wasn't cranky like Tuesday, when I was feeling ridiculously bad and I was telling people things I shouldn't have told. I think the whole plan backfired for one part, and successful on the other.

Yesterday, at the pep rally (which I didn't attend), I was calling Marcia up because she has my notes and I had to go home. I put the phone down, and then MTV VJs John Joe and Don got me and interviewed me. Oh, Marcia, who always put me on the television. Why?

They were asking me, "what do you think of Ateneo?" and I said, "well, for all I know, La Salle is better."

"Smart answer," John Joe said (I think).

So, I might expect myself on television again, but I believe I gave a dumb answer this time and wasn't expecting it (again). But, I got my sister and cousin to being shocked over the feat (they watch MTV and I don't) and disbelief, and, my sister wanted an autograph. I never got her any.

Well, that's it for now. I gotta meet my group somewhere, or else this becomes my report - and I don't want that to happen.

And your responses...

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