Ten days

Nothing new happened, really, so I'm gonna pace this thing up.

We got into the Dance-a-Parable finals, which we didn't expect. I think not everybody wanted that to happen. But we're in - so we have to work around it now.

We are doing pretty good in that Anthropology report, but I feel like I'm not contributing much because Clarence, it seems, is doing most of the work. But I'll pull something off (I think).

And I'm talking to a few people today. Nothing really is new.

I actually am getting writer's block. But I'm not supposed to elaborate on it. Oh, it seems, it's hard to write about nothing.

It's been ten days, and yet I just can't get myself back to order.

Hope you don't get angry when you read this. I tried and I believed I did it well.

And your responses...

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