Walking off the corridors with someone

Another lesson learned. Give yourself a little delay and take the risk.

It always is lucky for me if Jaja sits besides me because at least I feel comfortable. It also helped that it was Critical Thinking, which is a normally noisy class, and you just can't help (for some) to listen to Professor Timbreza as he explained the Laws of Subcontrariety.

At least I have some people to talk to when I am trying hard to listen in class (somehow I manage to do both - because my elementary classmates said I had my own world, doodling on bond paper while making imaginary newspapers, and then I understand everything). Dian, for example, tediously goes through all of my political views (just kidding), while my seemingly random seatmates in Critical Thinking (but usually Jaja and Sara) give me a little reason to listen. (They usually ask me, so he said what?)

And, yes, Ira for English and Revelation, and Kizia and Ariane for Art Appreciation. I think I have mentioned a lot about them (well, the hyperlinked ones... Haha).

So today, before I sit here typing and collecting my thoughts (another thing I think I can do really well), I stayed behind. I didn't just set off and go here. I don't know it's probably because of the confusion and the fact that someone's supposed to get survey results from me (that person never came). I ended up hanging out - in the very corridors I walked alone on earlier - with Kevin and Jill (and we were looking at her fingernails decorated with her name), and I ended walking to the lobby where I actually reprimanded Martin and his gang for being noisy, and then I went down the stairs...

...and met up with Lauren. I was like waiting for Joy to get out of the way (it was a literal bottleneck in SJ Walk this afternoon), and finally I got through and just walked with her and the other people (obviously, Ale, Ian, Steph, Toni, Baba and Cuyeg). Again, I'm walking with someone. And it isn't so awkward anymore.

And so we talked about Safeguard and people not noticing my good afternoons. And, yes, I was a little bit playful (and too divulging). Was I happy? I wouldn't answer that now for tomorrow might be, well, sad.

All of us split ways, but not after surprising Ale (which, I think, I am getting too close to).

I will soo remember this thing. It's still stuck in my mind, and maybe tomorrow it will do good. Lauren and Ale are my groupmates in that Anthropology ethnography paper we have to do. We'll do this with a lot of thought - unless we get drunk, of course. (But that's impossible. The tickets only have one drink stub. And I'll not use it.)

We'll being to work together a lot better this time. We won't act like high school students anymore. Wait - we still are by heart (I think)...

I find it a little funny how much I can do with a little positivity in my mind. For one, I get too hyperactive (guess how many people I surprised today - Ale, Dian and, probably, Ian), and then I somehow get distracted I can't think straight. Or is it because I have lived with a lot of depressing thoughts for a long time?

College is fun.

Finally, some more happy posts to keep Kim and Yum from thinking I am too sad. And then, something else to look forward to. (I have already looked forward to some things in class but I pull back later, thinking it actually makes me sad. I really have to get used to happy thoughts.)

So, taking a little bit of routing out of my system is good. Now I get to be ridiculously happy - my moods still swing a bit, but all of you guys are preventing me from freaking out.

Now you post something on the shoutout box. What do you think?

And your responses...

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