Whatever it means, I'll take it as a yes


I didn't understand what Ale was trying to tell me, but that word (after a little chat about transportation to Racks El Pueblo) started what possibly is the longest day (and night) of my life. It's even longer than Christmas.

Yesterday, as we all know, was Be[wild]ered, a little event that we had to go to - we were supposed to do an ethnography paper on that, especially on the fashion show. All of us were expecting a theme to that (hence the emphasis on the word wild in the event title), but some of us ended up disappointed.

I arrived at the place at around 19.20, and I was greeted with a long line. Jom was earlier asking me about the directions to the place, and he ended up arriving earlier than me. I was also clueless (being uninitiated to the Ortigas area), but I was reliving my childhood - passing by Megamall en route to The Podium for dinner. (We had no other option.)

I was whisked away by Derek and led to the front of the line, where I met up with Ian, Ale and Lauren. It's time to work, I thought.

Upon going up a handful of blockmates have already arrived. Amidst the frantic atmosphere (it was ridiculously noisy for a small area) Jom was telling me to enjoy the atmosphere because I began tapping into my PDA about the stuff that was happening. But that's what I went there for - oh, and also for the chat.

Whatever happened before the fashion show was pretty simple: photos, photos, photos. I think I acted as a hitchhiking photo guy - taking every chance to appear in the snapping. (I, however, persoanlly think I'm more polite than John. No offense meant, but...) People were coming in and out of the place; some got out to eat (or drink, or smoke) and some just wanted a breather. As the first band began to play - oh no, it isn't going to work. It's loud, and the vocalist somehow ruined my night. It isn't really conducive for a school paper. I just can't observe!

Then, finally, the fashion show began, but not after half of the group left (for a break). So, only me, Sudoy, Kim and Tracy took photos for our group, along with our other blockmates who stayed. In the end, we were all disappointed.

It was pure advertising.

I actually expected that, since there are a lot of clothing labels on the tickets we were given last Friday. It was not so much like a fashion show. I could call it a rushed event. As it ended, it was full of rant reviews. Clarence had the same sentiments as I do. Kizia thought it was disorganized (and I thought she was pissed as well - oh well). And all of us thought it was a waste of a hundred and fifty bucks.

As the others arrived, they learned that the fashion show was nothing but a showing of what those clothing labels has got to offer, and they thought the same. Jom seemed angry (or was it because of something else?) and Derek was telling me he had to tell the organizers about it. Then most of us went home.

But around a handful stayed. There was another fashion show, this time without much fuss (since half had left), and only a few have pictures of them. I was telling my group to write down everything they observed about the event (which, for most, is the noisy gap before the show actually began). I told Lau they can still do something (she was becoming pretty apologetic) and, of all things, we had a chat.

So, before I left Racks, I had this long chat with her, and I had a lot of photos, and I had given unsolicited words of advice (and encouragement) to a few blockmates.

The other thing I was looking out for was the socialization process. Thankfully I didn't feel left out (although I had a long time adjusting to the noise and that freaky vocalist). I was cracking jokes with Steph (and she was laughing), and I was making fun of Caresse (for she was the first to eat), and I had this weird line I told Kizia when she arrived (jokingly, of course):

"Whoa, you're too beautiful to be looked at."

And, I realized, I should hang out with Lau's gang. Could they take the cue?

I went home yesterday and I was switching the radio from rock to house to jazz. I slept at midnight, but not after talking a little bit with Lau (about the paper, of course) and telling her to watch out for me in YM later today. The club has to talk and combine everything together to a coherent and decent project.

And I have a question: how come people talk about their problems when they're at bars? That happened a lot yesterday.

In the end, however, it wasn't much money wasted. I saw it as quality time with my blockmates. And I think I now know who to talk with (when there's the time, obviously).

Good morning, everybody. I'm not that bewildered, but I went home happy about things.

And your responses...

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