This is one of those days when you think that something you actually shunned at doing goes in and does wonders.

We were doing, among other things, some word jumbling for Anthropology class. There was this one word no one seemed to get - manybald - and I thought it stood for some slang word. I thought it stood for badmanly, and as a good service I (actually) told Steph and Jaja that. The moment I gave my paper to Professor de Guzman, Derek came in and ask if he got his right.

He did. It actually stood for damnably.

The weird thing is, he just couldn't get it he kept on thinking damn, damn, damn! until he thought it could be the word. He did get it. I then went damn, damn, damn! in my head.

Well, today's something for the record books. After another long Politics class (but, finally, a little bit more interesting because I didn't recite much, becuase I've been reciting a lot for the past weeks), it was English class - the one I secretly (well, not now, because I've told you that) dreaded because of the things I've been blabbing about the last few days. Now, however, I got through the class remaining sane.

Then I decided to go with Jason's gang (him, Icka, Malia, Ian, Sudoy and Kevin) for lunch again, but this time we decided to go save and eat at McDonald's. (Actually, it just costs the same.) Then, that Anthropology thing, but not after talking about initial names, multiple personalities and, uhh... dreams.

After finishing that activity that practically drained every letter I was taught, I decided to go home with Les and Kaymee - and eight of their friends (which was a surprise for their part). we crowded the back seats of the bus (it felt like a high school field trip) and began to talk, switch chairs, and talk again.

That's when I finally got to terms with everything that's happening to the block (not just me). I mean, after Be[wild]ered, we saw friends arriving, friends drifting apart, friends being turned their backs on, and friends becoming (well) more than friends. I remembered what was said during the sexuality seminar yesterday - when two friends become intimate, it either becomes intimate all the time or you split up.

That statement doesn't actually apply a lot, but, well, it seems a little bit true nowadays. Then again, the only thing that matters is that I am getting closer there. Les actually liked the fact that I was hanging out with Icka instead of with, well, the other groups (especially that group), and now I think the last two days have actually done a little good to me.

For now, I gotta get off oompa loompa off my head (because Icka has been calling Jason that, despite his wanting to be Wiilly Wonka), get home and study for that Critical Thinking quiz.

I wonder if the women would wear red tops and mini skirts again tomorrow. I just can't believe everything I'm seeing and hearing, but hey - I gotta get used to this.

And your responses...

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