Do you own your generation?

This is going to be a pretty aimless thoughtful post, so please bear with me once again.

There was nothing new yesterday - only me and Marcia on a bus (we went in and we were the first), and before that, the Critical Thinking quiz which was weirdly easy. (Or it's probably because I actually studied for the test.) That time they were somehow bidding over who sits where, and I was happy I wasn't in the middle of it. Also, no one wore red. I think they decided to study for a change. (Uh... that didn't sound right.)

After I finished (thirty minutes later, as usual) I didn't leave the room, deciding to instead stay because I hate going out into the heat (you know, after being in a ridiculously cold refrigerator of a room). So, I went home with Marcia. But this time, we didn't sit beside each other.

Trauma? For my part, yes.

Today, I'm waiting at Netopia because I don't want to wait at the South Gate for an hour. (But I better leave.) I'm going to the ABS-CBN studios! Finally, a little taste of broadcasting. I'll probably act like some little kid that's full of excitement. I brought our digital camera, and I'll probably post some pictures next time. I wonder who's going?

Well, gotta go. I have to go back to the South Gate. I was supposed to write something else but it just wouldn't fit in my current post. You know... something that's got to do with being a different kind of sweetheart. But... never mind.

And your responses...

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