Don't worry, I'm still happy

Woah, is it me or does the blog feel really lonely? No, it's not the fact that you haven't replied to my last post (thanks a lot for the comments, I really appreciated it), but the fact that I haven't posted in a really long time. I gotta get used to that.

And I gotta get used to this three week vacation. Really, it's getting boring down here, because I've got nothing to do, and I'm procrastinating as well. I could have done my new blog layout within the past few days but I decided instead to fiddle with the PC and do some maintenance. (As if there's something more interesting than that.)

Sadly, the routine I'm so used to do - waking up at 04.30, eating a really heavy breakfast and shuttling off to school really early - isn't doing me wonders right now. Currently I'm waking up at 09.00 (even later) and feeling I've missed out on a lot. I realized how boring Philippine television can be (most of the time). I realized how sleepy afternoons can be. I realized how crappy breakfast shows on radio can be if not all DJs are present.

If I've been doing something the past few days, it's stay up at night (well, not that late) watching Pinoy Big Brother. Really, I've become addicted to it. I even had a cough after laughing too hard. Colonial mentality is definitely working right now.

I hate to say I have to come back to school on Tuesday and get a little bit shocked, seeing all my classmates again. I have to say I miss all of my blockmates really badly, or it could be because of all the routines I broke within the past few days? Trust me (again), it's hard for me to readjust to staying at home.

You don't know how dragging my life can be, considering how much fun you're having in you're adventures. Wait - don't tell me I'm talking like this again?

Maybe it's the boredom. It is really killing me.

Anyway, before I ditch another thought I almost decided to write (because I'll blog again on Tuesday, probably), I'll ask myself a little question. Why can't I pass by and drop a greeting anymore like before?

Well, it's because when you pass by you see the same old things. They keep on saying the same things, and you feel it's all against you. But I can't blame them - that's how they do it. I do things differently as well. I'm just a more boring person than they are. (Note to self: please stop saying things like that because you're making yourself sad again.)

Don't worry, I'm not sad again. I'm just bored - and I miss you guys.

Good morning, and see you on Tuesday.

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