Finished although senseless

In the middle of an overwhelming number of online people - sixteen out of thirty-three contacts - the environment must be pretty hostile. People, welcome to the final week of the term.

Today I'll take a look at the status messages everyone had put up (at least those who I added on my contacts list on YM):
  • Caresse Dy
  • Clarence Arreza: n_n
  • Denise Maravilla (busy): xiaoxiao!
  • Icka Alcantara: I just got lost in thought... it wasn't familiar territory
  • Isabel Rodriguez (idle): Through difficulties to the stars!
  • Jana Centeno
  • Jason Lopez: Can Thought be any harder? ah! ah! ah! Ang Hirap!
  • Jonathan Cuyegkeng (busy)
  • Joy Simpson (busy)
  • Kaymee Santos (busy)
  • Kizia Beredo: my eyes hurt.. hu hu hu :(
  • Leslie Chew (busy): na deecee ako !! anu ba naman toh ? badtrip = head ache.. i have no thoughts.. what do you think ?
  • Martin Dimalanta (busy): utOt paper!
  • Sudoy Patena: naka-thought ka na ba? tulungan nyo naman akong maka-thought!
  • Toni Gozum
Well, I never caught everyone's status message, because they all went berserk somewhere or something. We were all talking about page limits, fonts, definitions and Anthropology (in a conference for Politics class? What the...). In short, we're sharing answers online!

If you've just got any idea about what we've been throwing at each other in that freaking conversation window: stuff relating to federalism, Eddie Gil, Good Charlotte and the Divided States of the Philippines. I'm done anyway. I don't know about them.

But tomorrow remains to be seen. If anything good comes out of this... then I'm prouder of my block.

And your responses...

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