The first fourteen weeks: the term in review

Finally, it's over - our first fourteen weeks in college. I have to say a lot has happened, from the expected (because I thought about it) to the unexpected (for the same reasons). So, here it is - a retrospective of some sort, because I feel like a journalist who's supposed to write something in here.

Obviously, this is such a big event - it's me saying I survived college. Four years ago, I lasted fourteen weeks - and only fourteen weeks - in San Beda Alabang; in the middle of my long depression pang I was thinking I would fare the same fate. But, thank goodness, I did the things I didn't do back in my high school freshman year and got myself out of what could have been a really disruptive period in my life. I have to say I learned a lot of things, significant or otherwise. Here we go...

In fourteen weeks, I learned that college is much like high school, only bigger. I mean, despite the harder academic lessons, the same socialization stuff applies. One of the holdbacks I had was me thinking everything is ridiculously different - trust me, that was what I was thinking back in my small high school. (That was also a factor, but anyway...)

In fourteen weeks, I learned that quite means a lot and not a little. Thanks, Miss Bernie.

In fourteen weeks, I learned that people will visit your blog if you do the right promotions. Within the week I got around ten shoutouts and two comments (both from Isah); within the fourteen weeks my links list grew from four sites to around thirty. Basically, it's going this way: nothing will happen if you don't do anything about it. Although I didn't reach my hundred-and-a-half friend target in Friendster (I've got around a hundred and thirty-six), I realized that these people are the people that would care. (Also, I learned how to answer those darned surveys at the bulletin board.)

In fourteen weeks, I learned that field trips aren't something to worry about. I personally worried about the National Museum trip, the ever-so-memorable Be[wild]ered gig, and every lunch out I had with Jason's gang later in the term. However, all I did was pose for the cameras and pretend to understand the joke. Although I still see myself most of the time as the perennial singit who just butts in but never gets heard, I am more comfortable than before.

In fourteen weeks, I learned that I don't have to have an MP3 player, iPod or otherwise, just to be cool. However, I'll get my MP3 player back from Singapore within the term break.

In fourteen weeks, I learned that semi-formal always means long-sleeves and tie. Darn that long-sleeves and tie.

In fourteen weeks, I learned that you should be a little bit calm when you try to be responsible. Well, I am, and I don't even want to say I'm being applauded at it (but I am), but sometimes I see myself as a guy with a whip, telling people to do things. I think I have mellowed down (too much, I think), but I don't feel that worried anymore unless, of course, when I really have to rush things.

In fourteen weeks, I learned that listening to Chris Moyles almost every single day changes your perspective on life. In short, I'm becoming crazy.

In fourteen weeks, I learned that there are two things to consider while watching a film: the form and the content. Now, I watch films - and even television - with an even more too critical eye. Also, I learned how to contort your body to weird positions when you're watching a film in the classroom. Weirdly, I now know how hard it is to become tall.

In fourteen weeks, I learned that you shouldn't feel too comfortable with people, especially when you're just tagging along. That I've been doing a lot since the start of the term (and, surprisingly, they're okay about it), and if I feel a little bit left out, I devise an escape plan. In short, I do everything that I can do to either get out or humiliate myself further, at least silently.

In fourteen weeks, I learned that my perceptions of a few people are terribly wrong. And I'm telling the truth here; I thought that I would never ever approach Les the way I do now, or Caresse for that matter. I thought I would get really intimidated at Jaja. I thought Steph would hate every word I say. I thought Cuyeg would hate me as well. I thought everyone thought I was gay (and I was correct in the case of only one person). I thought no one would ever agree with what I say or do, but before I know it I was already liked by some - and I didn't even know that. Think about this: people are somehow appreciating every effort of mine.

In fourteen weeks, I learned that there's nothing wrong with admitting you're having a crush on someone. Even more importantly, I realized that nothing will go wrong unless you tell a lot of people about it. Trust me, it was really hard.

In fourteen weeks, I learned that I can be seductive. (Errr, right. That was a joke that Steph and Tracy pulled off on me. So please don't believe this line at all.)

And finally, in fourteen weeks, I learned the most important lesson of all - one that Close-up has been telling the Philippines for the longest time: you always get noticed with a smile. Trust me - I could apply that to myself, to the point that even if I smile profusely I would get noticed (probably because they're finding me really weird). Another point: you always get noticed with a smile to the point that the person you notice gets stuck in your head until you get back to school in the morning. (Note: it's the same old topic - and a new one at that.)

We've got another fourteen weeks ahead, but not after two (or three) weeks of vacation. Finally - I get some much needed rest, and besides me going back to La Salle to get my course cards, there's nothing much to do. I promise I'll work on my new blog layout within the term break, and I'll be chatting with a few people here and there, and then I'll keep myself a little bit more sane.

But, for now, after fourteen weeks of uncertainities, irregularities and the occassional plot twist, thanks to all of you - to the people who decided to get me in their group, to the people who told me I was just okay, to the people who laughed at the jokes I didn't think was funny, to the people who made my college life a lot insane, and to the people who just didn't let up despite my rambunctiousness. (I actually want to mention every blockmate, but I just can't. Another lesson: don't give special mentions for two posts in a row. Trust me - lesson learned.) I didn't know I would get through fourteen weeks and being transformed into, finally, a normal college student. Well, not really. But trust me - you guys mean a lot. The only thing missing are the kisses.

Okay, it's time for you to cry.

On 12 September, another term, another schedule, another sport to learn, another song to sing, another girl to notice. Will you be there?

And your responses...

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