From kinder to forever

I'm happy today because I only have (I think, most probably) to take one examination this week. Everything else had me exempted. But...

One, I'm not sure about my freaking PE grade. I realized that, since I didn't make it to the swing practicals, I missed fifty (even seventy-five) percent of the final examinations. Now I feel like getting a 2.5 instead of a 4.0. Big downer, really but... oh well! At least I'm not worrying much about this. My blockmates are still thinking I might get a bigger grade after serving as PE president for the term. (If we are to recall, the effort must be there. Well... go figure.)

Two, I'm anxious about how my English portfolio would come out. I remember my mom wanting to read it, but I really didn't want to since she might find out about everything that I've been up to in school. (I'm pretty confident none of my relatives have seen this blog.) I realized my school life is completely different from my house life. With that, I realized I've got a lot to hide (like I'm some bad kid in school).

Three, the Politics reviewer is killing me. (Again, everyone has to take it, despite the fact that, uhm, I had a prefect score on the midterms and the first quiz, since we don't have results for the second quiz yet, and all of us have an additional ten points due to late announcement of scores.) I finally printed out the reviews I've been emailed (and I wish they did too) and I realized it's really detailed compared to my notes. Thank heavens I printed them out.

So, I should get up from my seat and do a few things. A lot have decided not to go to school today (since there's really nothing much to do), and as for me, who braved the elements (really?) to get here... I would give myself a little applause. As for everyone else... get some sleep, then review. This isn't the right time to procrastinate.

And your responses...

Goodluck on the finals!

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