I just remembered she's beautiful

I'm at school, still, despite the fact that I'm supposed to be a little bit home free. I submitted my English portfolio - I actually lost sleep over it, typing everything in last Saturday then doing the design elements the next day. I used almost all of the photos I took from my camera as well as from almost every Multiply site I've seriously visited - Sudoy's, Les', and Ira's. (I actually forgot to credit Ira for that one single photo I took from her. I'm really sorry.)

I actually created a montage of every picture I think fits well into my portfolio's unexpectedly personal theme. In short, I put almost every photo I had, from those at the studio tour to the ones at Be[wild]ered (including my notoriously avoided fourth blockies photo - see my 15 July post) and even that photo at the Dance-a-Parable contest, taking care not to include Caresse because I thought that she might freak out when she sees it. (She didn't see it, so I shouldn't have panicked.) I ended up amazing a few people; consequently, I didn't want to set my work free! But I'll get it back anyway, so...

And, again, I'm literally losing sleep, along with everyone else. Last Saturday (or was it Sunday?) I greeted Dian a happy birthday at 01.00. I am supposed to be sleeping by then (I can feel the yuckiness of my body come out) but, since I have got nothing to do (I was extremely bored, trust me), I decided to text her. I didn't expect her to reply at the same time - but she did. Waaah. All of the things that we were doing practically took away every trace of our sanity.

Yesterday, I also lost sleep on two different things: According to Bex (shown on Star World every Sunday at 22.00 - pretty hilarious) and Pinoy Big Brother (the schedule is so complicated I can't tell you how it is - the welcome party practically dragged on). I slept at midnight yesterday. How's that for dedication?

Today is Les' birthday. Of course, how could I forget? She's been telling us that since last week. She kept her word and treated us at Yellow Cab. We shared five pizzas, and a few just weren't satisfied with pepperoni - they went around and had a bite of everything else. (Why can't I do that?) My other current dilemma, however, is how I will tell you guys about that weird time at the establishment. Between Huey and Jason and Steph - yes, Steph, the girl Huey kept on teasing - I still don't get the reason why I feel so drawn back.

Okay, it's not really that drawn back, but I somehow felt weird about sitting in another restaurant again, unsure if I'm really part of the treat (that thought absolutely crossed my mind), and not relating to everyone again. Disregard what could be the most important factor - it actually wasn't - and think about me not getting used to eating at Yellow Cab as well. But the company was good (again, I was trying hard to fit in I could have squeeezed someone out), and in the end I was already teasing Steph (and Huey) as well.

Is that good news? I don't know.

If there's one thing I don't want to think about, it's Saturday. Looking back I felt so stupid. Right now I don't know why I am regretting not going to the Sports Complex (but, I realized, I didn't rally want to watch my classmates dance, if only to forget the fiasco last week). Sometimes, really, I just can't understand myself.

Currently talking to Caresse, I began thinking about the upcoming term break. Like all of us, I can't believe it's come so quickly. Most importantly, however, I'm torn between wanting to go to vacation and hating to readjust with the new schedules (especially on Mondays and Tuesdays). For now, however, I should enjoy the company (thinking of Caresse, Les, Steph and Lau here - Lau! I really missed you), for next time, that might disappear.

And I should get The Importance of Being Idle out of my head. But, then again, I like the song.

And your responses...

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