Naughty little devil

It seemed there was another agreement to wear red between the women today. Apparently it was to show something to our Critical Thinking professor. Even more funnier, Sudoy came in wearing red. It even had that funny inscription which, when thought of really deeply, would imply he knew of the informal dress code.

"Naughty little devil," it said. Or something like that.

Sometimes it is very funny when you come in knowing nothing about what will happen, but you come in and create a really loud statement. I remember coming in to the classroom wearing a yellow polo shirt, unaware that the majority of the block would because it was the middle of the campaign period. (Oh, Santugon did sweep the CLA positions, and some of my campaigning blockmates cried. Or so they said.) In his case, it was taken lightly, but in mine, I went to the defensive. Let's just say there's this fear of being associated with something else.

Later on, however, I notice the campaign officers are closer to each other than I am with them. Maybe it's because you get to stay behind to attend the meetings (which happen at 18.00, mind you) - and end up chatting with them. (No offense, but this is what you do after the meetings, right?) But anyway...

I finally had that required intake meeting with the CCD (that's the counselor's office); instead of scheduling myself with Kim and Tracy, I end up taking it immediately with Sars. If there's one thing I found out today, it's that all of us are just misunderstood. (Please note that I'll try to expand this thing without offending anybody.) I mean, think about it - you probably think I'm weird (and I know you do) because I act a bit differently, and react really badly, but you haven't checked my background yet. That's the case with a lot of us right now.

Okay, so I'm misunderstanding everybody as well. But who can pretend to know someone really well immediately eleven weeks into college?

Sorry, but I just can't help observing everybody, especially when you think you've got no one to be with - and when it seems that you're going to be alone all of the time, then you're just stuck with this. Welcome to my shoutout box depression.

Well, my day's almost over, but I still have to study for a long test in Anthropology - and get ready for more dancing. I'll have to admit I can't wait for PE - I'll be dancing with Jill. Somehow I just miss the way we make mistakes. (Err, special mention. Please don't.)

Now, however, please don't take these words for something else. The silent revolution has begun. If something else is happening, then I'll keep quiet. It's better that way.

Do you understand me this time?

And your responses...

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