Powerpuffed superheroes part one

My layout, however good it may seem, is missing a few pieces. There's supposed to be something on top of the streaking graphic I made up. I don't understand why it isn't showing up. But, I realized, I can do good layouts (if not for the complaints of flashing lights and seizures).

Today's the course card distribution - not yesterday, due to a holiday the government declared the day before - and as of now I have two subjects with a 4.0 (Revelation and, surprisingly, PE), and a subject with a 3.0 (Anthropology). I am still waiting for English and Politics class, so I escaped the group again and am updating my blog (isn't it obvious?). I almost came to school in a bad mood, however. I don't know why.

Then, I'll go home immediately. I want to resume my vacation. I don't know if I should feel happy that I saw my blockmates again, or if I should feel happy that I'll get back home immediately. Suddenly, I feel so out of touch.

Oh, and I still have to enroll for the next term. I almost forgot. Stupid me thinking I can go home immediately. Oh well, I'll (probably) go with Clarence for this.

Well, that's it for now. I'm still bored, and I'm hungry and confused. And, I have uploaded every photo from the studio tour on Fifth Year Holler. Go visit, because I spent a lot on that (well, not really).

Wait - now I know why I feel so anxious today.

And your responses...

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