Powerpuffed superheroes part two

This time I'm at Cybernook, waiting anxiously to get my English portfolio - you know, the one with the pictures of some of my classmates. Professor Gonzalo liked my "creativity", which I actually equate to idleness. In short, I'm too humiliated to tell everyone of my actual reasons of using it - which is, weirdly, my preconceived connections between my essays on the bonobos and global warming to the entries I have put in my blog. Or maybe it's because I'm programmed to see a negative thing in everything.

I got a 3.5 in English, and I got a 4.0 in Politics. If I am correct, I'm at the bottom half of the dean's list.

It's not that I'm boastful today or something. In fact, I'm actually aware that I might be doing it right now (and you must be murmuring, this kid is nuts!), but I didn't realize I have successfully balanced, at least at the end of the term, my studies and my social cravings. (Okay, wrong term.) Last night, even, I was back to feeling so sad for no particular reason. Up to now I can't understand why, but I decided not to think about it and focus on computing my GPA for this term.

My life is such an open book. I don't know why I'm telling you this, but heck - if this is the only way, then so be it.

I have also enrolled, although I decided to do it alone (now I don't understand the point of mentioning Clarence in my previous post). I suddenly felt sad for my classmates who failed a few subjects, most significantly Critical Thinking. As they all go out and find solution, I can't forget the hassle of doing enrollment adjustment to accomodate the failed class, especially considering that it is a prerequisite to Philosophy class.

I can't believe I am looking extremely concerned.

Before I go, I'll plug a couple more blogs (as a favor, no less) - Jason, who is an unexpected blogger since he claims to be extremely bored like me, and Marcia's nth blog. Pang-ilan na ba ito?

Okay, Marcia, it's your turn to use this PC with a dysfunctional space bar. Have fun!

And your responses...

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