Something always pops up

One, I hate the fact that CBox is giving my visitors pop-up ads. So, if you hate them as well, get a pop-up blocker. These ads are really bad creatures. Trust me, they have a life of their own.

Two, I'm almost done with my English portfolio. I just have to get more photos (if the plan ever pushes through) and a few more words. Oh, and yesterday's Anthropology finals was a hard one, not because of the questions, but because of the logistics. Trust me on this one as well.

Three, Caresse is freaking me out. (Again, you know what I'm talking about. Hahaha.)

Four, most importantly - something is happening to me every two days. Tuesday, a text message. Thursday, a conversation. Today, a phone call. What does this all mean?

The heavens must be having a conspiracy against me - and I don't know if that's supposed to be a good thing. (Or if this blog actually made you laugh. Please, tell me if you laughed - even just a little smirk would do.)

And your responses...

gah. im new at this, help!

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