Something before joining Les and Kaymee

Yeah, they're the first people to get a title of their own. I'm going to go home with them again. I don't know - we've got little time remaining and yet I get to squeeze in a little tradition. I wonder if it'll ever continue on the next term? Anyway...

I decided not to go to Mount Banahaw this Saturday. Admittedly I'm not much of an outdoors person. Now, after the tedious task of listening to the orientation for those who dared (and I salute you with all of my intimidations) to go to the field trip, I feel much of a loser.

I didn't really mean everything - of course! It isn't just me who's not going. The thought of climbing mountains makes me remember my sprained finger. My only sonsolation is that around eighteen of us (I think, because I know some who decided not to do changed their minds at the last minute) aren't going, and will instead observe religious practices at the comforts of Metro Manila. Wait, another bummer - it's going to be an individual report. (At least we don't have to bother with acetates anymore.)

We're in the middle of the last two weeks of the term, and we can feel it. We're rushing requirements, classes and quizzes - we're not even taking some lessons just to squeeze ourselves within the remaining days. I've never felt so rushed - I've been staying up all night, and pimples are growing on my face. I can't even get my act together. What should I do first - the Politics thought paper, the written report for Revelation (speaking of another film analysis), or the stuff I have to coordinate with for PE?

Well, after Malia did even more to rub in the fact that I am a loser (jokingly, of course), and soaking in another perfect examination - again, in Politics class - I can't help but think about sleep. But maybe that's the positive thing about me not going to Quezon.

Regardless of the fact that they, the people who I look up to, are going to have some fun, I decided to take care of myself and get some sleep. And besides - it isn't just me.

And your responses...

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