Stupid power outages

Somehow when I was typing in a very good post - one that I have thought of all weekend - electricity in the whole shopping mall got cut, and everything went, well, poof. Now I forgot what I wrote.

I finally saw the music video for Barbie Almalbis' Just A Smile - obviously I was curious about what all the fuss about Ariane, Clarence and the gang getting in was about. Weirdly, I was laughing the whole time.

I know - I shouldn't be doing that, but since we have a pretty big television I couldn't help but think that it's almost real. It doesn't matter whether they were out of focus - I mean, all you see is Barbie and that Sam guy (trust me, I saw that on Kizia's blog), but interspersed in between are images of the party animals walking around. You see Ariane, Clarence and Marcia walk down the stairs. At the start you see Jana (in a hood, mind you), and you see Kizia somewhere in between, just looking at you - it was really spooky. All the time it's all larger than life, and even if I didn't catch everybody (like Martin) all I can do is laugh at myself for laughing at what I see.

It's not that they didn't do good - it's the fact that I saw them on the telly, considering the fact that I never saw myself on broadcast television in the two times I got caught.

So I texted Ariane this morning, looking for another excuse for a conversation. I still can't help but laugh.

I finally watched The Great Raid - but, due to my freaking organization scheme, I'll be talking about it on my Multiply site (which I will refer from now on as Fifth Year Holler for the same reasons, natch). One thing - nice titles.

Well, since I forgot everything I was supposed to say... that's it for now. I'll upload everything else soon, and I'll bask under the sunshine of all the downtrodden people.

Open reference? Yes, naturally.

And your responses...

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