Taking things too literally

In a time when I'm supposed to rush a few requirements, I'm at the Cybernook, doing the same things I used to do here - blogging. Maybe I subconsciously took Les' advice last Monday - to keep things down (err, relax a little bit is what I'm trying to say here), and right now, I'm finding it weird because I'm not panicking.

Yesterday, I wasn't panicking as well (although I took the results of the personality test in Anthropology too seriously) - the only things that probably happened were me taking charge of our last PE class (I unfortunately mistook my duties to happen at 16 September, and also for the dancing event, where six of our blockmates will join, happens on 20 August - and the last class is on the 16th, stupid me). Professor Ronda wants us to recreate a little party, complete with pastries, as we attend in complete attire.

Danger: another weakness of mine is going to be exposed.

Anyway, if I can keep up with the relaxing then maybe I'll get through the week without thinking of the things that I should've done. Well, that made me think about it again - but never mind, I'm too calm to think about these things.

Positive development? Yes. Wish me luck later!

And your responses...

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