This beaver's dead tired

I'm tired but I'm freaking happy. This is a rare happening, so please bear with me as I jump up and down with glee.

Although Politics class dragged on inconsiderably (weird because I used to be wide alert for that class, but today I found myself yawning because it seemd to be so long), everything else went weirdly smoothly. English class was particularly amazing. I was thinking straight - and I wasn't that diverted.

At lunch I went with Caresse, Dian and Kaymee (actually I rudely joined them), after which we all studied for the long quiz in Anthropology (which was easy for me but not for everybody else, probably). That was probably the only time we agreed on something. I mean, we were talking about things (other than the lesson) that you'd never see me talk about. But anyway...

Professor de Guzman complimented me when I answered something correctly, and it made me feel good, even if only the three girls got to hear it.

And PE? I'm tired, my feet are hurting (I wore my dad's shoes because mine got freaking wet when I went home last night), but I got called an eager kid by Professor Ronda.

Think about it: "You know, he's a very eager person." (Applause.) "But, sometimes, he has to... speak slowly." (Applause. Cheers. Les agreeing.) I don't know. After shuttling back and forth from the Sports Complex to the Miguel Building just to have something for PE photocopied, and coming in and not getting the steps right (just like what I predicted)... this. But there's the feeling of satisfaction that you're doing good. Oh, and I'm going to do something special sometime. Let me see what I can do first.

But, probably, the only reason why I'm happy is because I got enough sleep. Finally.

Err, that's not the real reason.

And your responses...

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