Thou shalt not spoil the ending of a film

Two more subjects ended - and that means it's finals week next week.

Revelation class, like every other class, ended without much fanfare - wait, there was a prayover. Also, we got this little lecture on staying in the classroom and keeping quiet when the bell rings (or sounds, if that is more politically correct). After finishing that film on our own (beloved) St John Baptist de la Salle (and yes, we have to watch it) and repeating it again due to a lot of idle time, we had a few more statements from Sister Pinky (which we'll really miss, I believe), left the classroom (but not without the pictures, of course), and rushed to M321. It was barely 10.30 when we left.

Art Appreciation seemed really weird today. For the first time in thirteen weeks, Professor Sangil sat up and began to chat with us - and it wasn't simply about what we have learned, but about her personal experiences as well. (Feels like a latenight show monologue.) We were told (aaah, told) about her little experiences in watching movies. So...

Welcome to the world of the film idiots - those people who just don't act good when a movie is on. So, step up your foot, talk loudly, and even make a move - you'll get slapped in the face. Actually, the amazing thing is, I never expected this side of her (or I just didn't think much about the Gryffindor fanatic in her), but this provided a weirdly good end to the Art Appreciation classes.

Us acting good in cinemas is something Professor Sangil wanted to leave in us. In short - and as she said it - her legacy to the block. (Here's me thinking deeply while laughing.)

We also got our pre-final grades: I got a 3.5 (in short, I'm exempted from the finals), while our big bet Jason, despite his disbelief, got a 4.0. Good one. As we left the classroom, Icka tried to get a photo with her - until now, however, she doesn't have any photo with a professor from the Department of Literature. They all refused - I wonder why.

Why do we badly want pictures? It's feeling like summer vacation all over again.

Well, despite the fact that we have to go to school on Monday (to submit our portfolios) - and study for probably my only final examination, for Politics class - that subject doesn't have any exemptions. Sad news, really.

What's even sadder is, I don't know whether our next professors would be someone that we would get along with.

And your responses...

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