Twisted sunshine

If you thought I'm going to blab endlessly about the last PE class - and trust me, it was very humiliating - well, you're wrong. I figured there's a lot more things to talk about. Trust me - I don't want to drag myself down again because people have been noticing it. So, I'll talk about better things. Like...

Wait, I can't think of any that wouldn't either put me down or give something away. Oh, what a dilemma.

Then, Sudoy gave me an idea. Why don't I post this photo up?

After getting starstruck at the studio tour, we became superheroes - or newscasters - at the Loop. From left: Dhi, Jaja. Sudoy, Loui, Jason and me. Image hosted by Photobucket

Yeah... thanks for the idea! At least this post would occupy a few screenfuls. I just realized that (moving out of the topic again) the people that keep me sane are the people that drive me insane. (Err, open reference again? This time it's a no.)

I surely am clueless about what to write, I suppose I shouldn't have written anything. Well, I did it anyway. (Especially when considering that Ever After is stuck in my head.)

And your responses...

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