Two more and we're done

Three more classes have signed off from our schedules: Politics, Anthropology and English. The subjects that rule my later wake-ups have finally finished their run.

There wasn't much fanfare in Politics class. Professor Calilung was a little bit early (considering she isn't used to classes at 08.00 - we are, technically, her coffee on Tuesday and Thursday mornings) as she collected those darned thought papers. I would realize this thing was taken really seriously by my classmates. The people that usually looked perky in the morning - Les, Jaja, Clarence and the like - looked really sleepy. (Seriously, Jaja freaked me out.) Huey, for one, had one and a half hours of sleep (if I overheard correctly). I think Jessica didn't have any (or was it somebody else?) As for me - I slept at 23.30 and am still awake.

The class ended just as it is - nothing much really happened. Nothing ceremonius. Just us departing - all of us were probably sogged up by the paper. (Translation: too much farting at night isn't good. Go figure.)

Next was English class, and the partly devastating news - that was our last. (Yesterday we were supposed to have one, but no one wants to wake up really early just to get to school at 07.00.) So, after us going yay, we went aww. Our section (our beloved A53) likes Professor Gonzalo really much (although their favorite teachers differ), and we ended the class with what they called a happy hour (much like a happy half-hour), with Ariane obliging to sing (and everybody else), us getting our professor's cellphone number, and taking pictures.

In contrast to what the other half of the block thinks - they're tired because they're really doing a lot (and they have to go on Saturday to get extra material back). The only positive thing is, they have Monday free.

Then, Anthropology class - and nothing ceremonial. We basically did nothing - we only had to give something to Professor de Guzman. No lecture (except for a few announcements, which technically doesn't apply), no control of the class (it was the normal noise) - and an early dismissal. She just said we can leave, and they began to leave (except for Mary, Loui, Joy and Dhi, who took more photos, and me, who was copying something).

Our finals for Anthropology class is through email (I gotta do more logistics), while our portfolios are the biggest requirement for English class. Sadly, there's no exemptions for the Politics finals. Waaah.

Also, we got our new schedule. Ouch - algebra, chemistry and history. More math? The thing I'm trying to escape is coming back to haunt me.

Tomorrow, the last Revelation and Art Appreciation classes. We will miss our professors (I mean it, despite everything). Let's just see, however, if we'll survive the next term.

And your responses...

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