When do I consider someone a friend?

I finally have a Multiply site (http://henrikbatallones.multiply.com) and as I was adding contacts, the site was posing me a question. Should I categorize everyone of my invited people as friends or classmates?

Well, I decided to call them all friends, but I wish you get my dilemma (reminding me of Critical Thinking class which went extraordinarily quiet today - probably due to the lack of electricity or the lack of decent grades). I saw Caresse's site and saw that she is connected to me through Sudoy's site as a classmate, and to Ale's site as a friend. And I consider myself a straddler. Oh, what a dilemma - such depth!

I'll be posting the photos from the studio tour there (so you better look there instead as I'm lazy enough to upload them to the blog), and probably a few reviews (you know, the ones the critics make - just to make myself seem more of a Communication Arts student). You get the idea - an extra space for the blog.

Today, another impulse decision of mine led to me watching Jill's performance at the William Shaw Little Theater today. I was really curious: I didn't know she auditioned for Innersoul, our university's singing group, and it turned out that out of the many from our block who auditioned, she's the only one who made it. Simply said, there was much fuss about her getting in (not to mention publicity).

Many tickets flew out of the window, and the last ticket Sara had in hand went to me. I watched expecting to see Jill do a solo (well, that's what the show's title said - Innersoul-o 3). Well... she didn't. But we all screamed like crazy still. Think of Caresse shouting out her name when the whole cast came out. (Again, she didn't get a solo. Too bad we were expecting one considering that another Innersoul newbie got one. Err... isn't that unfair?) Think of us basically clapping really loud (she's representing the block, anyway, so why not?). Think of Jana reacting to a rat in the venue.

Now that generated a lot of attention.

But we weren't disappointed. I mean, the singers were good (despite the few glitches which ignited the Simon Cowell in me). Sadly (and really rudely) Jill made me laugh, like everyone else. But I have to give her props for it - I can't believe her voice is part of that group.

Les actually has photos of her. Later, I'll upload one. I have to fulfill my promise (or is it?) to her - I told her after the show, "patay ka sa blog ko." Well... maybe not. But we - referring to the block, for the record - still love you nevertheless.

And your responses...

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