Airplane crashes

I had a lot of weird, random thoughts as the weekend flew by.

First, will I ever get invited to a debut, considering that almost every female I know is going to turn eighteen? Uhm, I think nagpaparinig ako sa inyong lahat right now. Haha.

Second, will something weird happen on the first day of the term? I mean, something really weird.

Third, will PE ever be fun? Tapos na ang Rondance eh, so I presume it must be either okay or worse. Unless, of course, if we get into something.

Fourth, how bad would algebra and chemistry be? I hate them both. Really.

Fifth, will I ever write posts in this blog that are as good as the one on my first term on college? I wish, but... hey, Niko, you're getting boastful again.

Finally, will anyone ever like my music collection?

I am scared... but I am a bit happy to see that class will begin tomorrow. 12 September, however bad my memories are, is a bit special now that I have reassessed everything. I'll see you then, and let's all get ready for a lot more rambunctiousness and a little bit more of my freakiness.

The block is going to be extra strong once again.

And your responses...

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