Clueless although sympathetic

I just learned from Jackie that we won't have International Studies class, which means I wasted an hour's worth of my battery life. After reading up on globalization last night - which led to me sleeping at midnight - I realized nothing's going to happen anyway. (See me sniffing here. Waaah!)

I'll receive a million similar messages probably - as of press time Lau just texted me the same thing - and it all means the day's gonna drag a little bit longer than usual.

After I took a look at the new photos Les uploaded last night (which I barely look at - don't worry, she knows that), I can't help but be excited about tomorrow's excursion to the urban jungle (ehrm, hanggang Luneta pa lang naman). I'm in charge of photography for our scrapbook in Rizal class, which is probably second to the leader (and our boss Kevin is right beside me trying to create interference with the computer monitors at Cybernook) because I get to do something I wish I did before: artistic license. (Art Appreciation, remember?)

Well, then, I should go enjoy my day and work on my mathematics. I am freaking clueless about the exercises, I gave up on some of them before I slept last night. And then, I wonder. How the heck am I supposed to enjoy the day if part of my routine's disrupted? Nothing against no classes, but I love International Studies class, even if it took a long time for me to understand everything. (Late bloomers, unite.) But then, since I talked about it yesterday, I'll be chatting with a few more people than usual. (I think I've mentioned every one of them before.) And, yes, I'll have to stop getting intimidated again.

I've finally figured it out - it's a clash of personalities.

Wait - Icka's joined us (with the unusual worries)! I say let's go trotting out of the library and enjoy the day. I've got to confirm everything yet. My inbox's going to get full before I can say I haven't texted anyone yet.

And your responses...

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