Different kinds of shivering

I didn't realize it's already September. As they say, the brr months, since the next four would end the same way, and the temperatures would begin to drop.

And, yes, I just realized a celebrity is tagging on my blog. There were these mysterious tags on my shoutout box and when I finally decided to visit the site (www.mystica-star.com) I realized that it is Mystica with the long nails and all that. I remember seeing her during the ABS-CBN studio tour (view the photos here), with her fresh off a live interview and waving at us because we just can't wave at her.

Although I can't stop but think this is all a trick from some of my other fans (wait, could it be?), I'll end up laughing all the way through the break. And, Caresse and Sudoy, I don't know her. I'll just think this isn't her - unless she wants to be on the tabloids the next day.

Second, I realized that I will make it to the dean's list, at the second honors, probably. Well, it's better than nothing at all. I still am amazed (especially at Jason, who's guaranteed a slot at the first honors list).

Finally, I have a weird theory as to who the anonymous tagger is, because it all began in July. It's either I'm famous, or I'm getting something I didn't know I was getting. Wait - this is a senseless conspiracy theory. But I've shivering with fear, nevertheless.

Anyway, let me bask in my celebrity before I go back to normal. I can see the cameras flashing at me right now. And, yes, it hurts my eyes a lot.

And your responses...

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