Either the routine's working or not

Is it me or is everything taking so slow? I don't know - the past few days nothing much happened, and aside from the class cancellations, seating arrangements and humiliating defeats (yes, our group was fourth in Monday's volleyball shower games), there was nothing else. For a person who's ridiculously confused with his definition of a routine (in short, one who likes the same one but wants to break away from it once in a while), this is dizzying.

CWTS class was, well, short, to much happiness among the other members of the class. It was simply an orientation from a representative of our partner organization, and a few bits for our exposure trip next week (not in the next two weeks, to our - what was that again? Chagrin?). Aside from that, our Luneta trip was cancelled as well, since not everybody could come. So much for bringing my camera. Wait...

That did come to use, since after the classes I took random shots with my blockmates. I think you better wait for me to upload them (since I'm pretty excited about how Nico, if ever, would react about his pic that reminds me of some advertisement).

If there was something else interesting today, it's me not realizing Ariane was sitting behind me at the bus on the way to DLSU. I was singing by myself (nothing bad doing that, I think - right?) and she tapped my shoulder. I almost blushed in humiliation (self-enforced, anyway, so don't worry about me) and ended up rushing with her to the room (there were around five minutes between the bell and our current spot - the very reason I hate traffic jams). We ended up getting there on time, however (despite the fact that a considerable number of people were already there), and then we were dismissed early (which is irritating provided a few came in late).

And then, after my own little version of camwhoring (I suddenly remembered Les, who could still be in class as I type), I went with Caresse to have my readings for Rizal class - all thirty-four pages of them - photocopied. After going to one stall after another - apparently the bar exams are taking a toll on the regular customers - we finally got it copied, and all throughout I was feeling awkward. Note: I have never spent some time with her alone. But it isn't much of a big deal anyway. It's just normal relations, that's all. (Sociology, here we come.)

This time, however, I'm looking for another phrase to end the post (since I've been using variations of well then for a long time now). So, what can you suggest?

Never mind. I think you already got whatever I was trying to say - that this post is over.

And your responses...

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